Monday, March 20, 2017

Skills and Effects of the Chinese Characters Decomposition

Learning decomposition of the Chinese characters form the Chinese character stable perception habits and its immediate cognition in other contexts.

Moreover, the Chinese language teacher will be saved from inventing different kind of associations of the Chinese character with its meaning.

The easiest way to learn complicated Chinese characters with abstract meanings is analysis of such characters from the point of view of its decomposition - learning all components and radicals with all their readings and meanings.

The Chinese character decomposition and analysis requires knowing of radicals. The Chinese radicals are learnt at the introductory lessons once and forever. It is like the alphabet which is learnt only once.

Evaluation and recognition of the Chinese character from the point of view of its structural analysis and decomposition creates stable writing habits and immediate perception of the Chinese character in different contexts.

The example of the Chinese character decomposition - the decomposition of the Chinese character    yì  “meaning”:

  yīn sound
  lì stand
  tóu lid
  zhǔ dot
  yī one
  bā eight
  yī one
  yuē say
  jiōng down box
  èr two
  xīn heart
丿  piě slash
  yǐ second
  zhǔ dot
  zhǔ dot

音立亠丶一丷一曰冂二 心丿乚丶丶

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